Friday, February 17, 2012

Assault By Pennies

A Driver in Massachusetts is being charged with assault for  supposedly tossing pennies at another driver. Here is a link to the full story. Rant On!!

Tornadoes of Fire

The Sun Shoots Out Tornadoes of Fire. NASA released footage of the Sun from the satellite they launched nearly two years ago. See the full story here. Lets here.
Let's here your thoughts on this.

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Arsenic Found In baby Formula

Scientists have discovered that in some sweetener baby formula's there is traces of arsenic. With a babies low body weight this can potentially be very harmful to a child. Here is the link to the full story. Let us know what you think. Let your rant out!

Unemplyment Benefits Reduced

Congress is in the process of passing a bill that will reduce the amount of weeks a single person can apply for unemployment benefits. This will not help the current problem of the jobless and job seekers out there. Here is a link to the story. Let's here what the people have to say. leave a comment and let your rant be heard.

Strong reaction on Houston tribute

New Jersey's Governor has decided to lower the American Flag at half mass on the day of Whitney Houstons funeral. This is sparking a strong reaction on the American people. Whitney Houston was a singer and a lot of people admired her but she is not a veteran or anything of the like. Many other singers have died in the past including Micheal Jackson, no one lowered the flag for him did they? Here is the link to the full story. Let's here what you have to say about this. Let the rant begin!