Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston Laid To Rest

Whitney Houston went to church one final time Saturday.

She was welcomed by family members, close friends and a internet audience of enormous amounts who viewed as the pop superstar was remembered as a child of God with the voice of an angel.

A voice that never forgot its origins.

"Jesus Loves Me" was the last song Houston sang in open public before her passing away February 11 in Beverly Hills, California, at the age of 48.

Saturday's home going service was held at New Hope Baptist Church, where Houston, nicknamed "Nippy," was soloing in the junior choir by age 11.

Even with her resulting fame, which produced six Grammy Awards, attractive living and parties on the West Coast, and seven consecutive No. 1 singles, Houston never forgot her Newark, New Jersey, hometown.

Actor Kevin Costner, who starred with Houston in her first movie, "The Bodyguard," recounted how both of them grew up in the Baptist faith and had family members who sang in the choir.

Throughout the three-and-a-half-hour service, Houston's casket, covered with a large spray of flowers, rested in front of the altar.

Whilst many of her fans lamented the fact that Houston's service was invitation-only, Pastor Marvin Winans, who provided the eulogy, thanked Cissy Houston, Whitney's mother, for having the service at New Hope.

The six-page funeral program included color family photos and a letter from Cissy Houston.

The letter included the message, "God said 'It's time, Nippy. Your work is done.'" It was signed, "Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. Love, Mommie."

Houston also left behind a daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18.

Through the crying and occasional laughter, entertainers and speakers spoke of Houston's devotion.

Gospel vocalist and longtime friend BeBe Winans was visibly emotional as he remembered a memory of Houston's sense of humor.

Gospel vocalist and friend Kim Burrell sang a reworked edition of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come," adding glimpses of Houston's lifetime to the lyrics. After completing, she walked down to the pew where Cissy Houston sat and embraced her.

One of the most emotional moments in the service came when Keys sang "Send Me an Angel," her voice soaring into the rafters of the sanctuary.

Oprah Winfrey, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Spike Lee, and Houston's former husband, Bobby Brown, were among those in presence. Brown walked by Houston's casket with his head down before the service began. Law enforcement said Brown and his entourage later left the church during the service.

At the time of her passing away, Houston was in the Los Angeles area for the 54th annual Grammy Awards and was to be present at a party hosted by her long time mentor and record producer, Clive Davis. She was found dead in her hotel suite. A cause of death has not been established.

Mourners heard only a few indirect references to her private battles. A close family friend told CNN on Tuesday that Houston had not used "hard drugs" for a number of years. Detectives are examining doctor prescribed drugs found in her hotel room.

Through her turmoil, speakers said, Houston stayed true to her faith.

"In her final days, she held on to what you taught her to believe in," said Patricia Houston, Whitney's sister-in-law and previous manager. "I promise you she did."

Speakers, including Bishop T.D. Jakes and director-producer Tyler Perry, spoke of the promises of tomorrow.

At the conclusion of the service, Houston's well-known recording of "I Will Always Love You" was played as her coffin was taken out from the sanctuary. Her mother leaned on her escorts as they assisted her down the aisle.

Houston will be laid to rest Sunday at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, just south of Newark.

She has come home.

Japan's Emperor Has Bypass Surgery

Japan's 78-year-old emperor was recuperating Saturday from a effective cardiac bypass surgical procedure at the University of Tokyo Hospital, in accordance to Japanese public broadcast NHK.

Emperor Akihito's surgical treatment lasted just about five hours.

Akihito, a ceremonial but adored figure in Japan, has struggled from poor health in current months and has been in the hospital several times.

Tsugunomiya Akihito was born on December 23, 1933 in Tokyo to Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako Kuniat as their 5th kid and first son.

In accordance to Japanese legend, he is a immediate descendant of Japan's first emperor Jimmu, circa 660 BC. Akihito means "shining pinnacle of virtue," and Tsugunomiya means "prince of the august succession and enlightened benevolence."

On November 12, 1990, Akihito ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne -- the most ancient hereditary monarchy in the world -- as the One hundred and twenty fifth Emperor of Japan, one year and ten months after the passing away of Emperor Hirohito.

The position, per Japan's constitution, is described as "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people." That said, the office's participation in day-to-day govt affairs tends to be little.

Akihito broke from precedent adhering to Japan's epic 9.0 magnitude earthquake and succeeding tsunami last year, when he gave a historical, televised presentation on March 16. In it, he inspired citizens to put forth their "best effort to save all struggling people" and he congratulated his countrymen's management of the crisis.

Price Hike For Stamps

A nickel increase in the first-class stamp cost to 50 cents is part of the U.S. Postal Service's newest plan to stop bleeding red ink.

The Postal Service introduced the 5-year business plan to The legislature late Thursday in part to push The legislature to pass laws to help them get through ongoing economic woes. Due in large part to decreasing first-class mail volume, the services recorded a $3.3 billion dollar loss in the final three months of last year, which is usually a lucrative period.

The Postal Service says that, if nothing is done, it faces $18 billion dollars in losses by 2015. Lawmakers have been working on various plans for months, but all of them have debatable aspects and are stalled.

The U.S. Postal Service's plan would save about $20 billion dollars over the next five years, even though it needs The legislature to act to accomplish about $10 billion dollars in financial savings.

Nearly all the ideas in the five-year plan have been suggested before, except for the big first-class stamp boost. Increasing the price of the stamp to 50 cents from 45 cents now could yield $1 billion dollars a year in new profits, in accordance to the plan.

Among formerly offered plans, home delivery would be cut to five days a week from six, and countless numbers of post offices and mail handling plants would be closed. The service would slow the distribution of first class mail by a day.

The agency also proposes skipping a federal law that requires that it to prefund retiree health care. It would also generate a new health care plan for staff members to be run by the Postal Service.

The plan would also reduce the number of staff members by 155,000 by 2016, mainly through forcing some of the 283,000 qualified to retire.

Nevertheless, most of the cost-cutting procedures the Postal Service is pushing for are questionable, and have opponents in The legislature and among employee unions.

The National Association of Letter Carriers promised to study the new business plan but decried moves to cut Saturday delivery, downsize networks and slow delivery.

The union also noted that nearly all of the $3.3 billion dollars in red ink the Postal Service documented in the quarter resulted from the $3.1 billion dollars owed to pre-fund future retiree health benefits. The union wants The legislature to dispense with the 2006 mandate that demanded prefunding those benefits.

In December, the Postal Service released a plan to shut up to 250 mail handling plants and cut 28,000 jobs across the country, but later postponed the closures until May 15. The plan launched Friday makes clear the Postal Service hopes to push forward with proposed cuts if The legislature doesn't act. Now Let's Hear What You Have To Say. leave a comment below and let the rant begin!

Dutch Prince Severely Injured

A member of the Dutch royal family was severely injured in an avalanche at an Austrian ski resort Friday. Prince Johan Friso was skiing outside the bounds of the ski resort with friends at the resort of Lech am Arlberg when he was hit by an avalanche. Here is the link to the full story. Whats Your Take On This? Leave a Reply and Let Your Voice be Heard.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Assault By Pennies

A Driver in Massachusetts is being charged with assault for  supposedly tossing pennies at another driver. Here is a link to the full story. Rant On!!

Tornadoes of Fire

The Sun Shoots Out Tornadoes of Fire. NASA released footage of the Sun from the satellite they launched nearly two years ago. See the full story here. Lets here.
Let's here your thoughts on this.

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Arsenic Found In baby Formula

Scientists have discovered that in some sweetener baby formula's there is traces of arsenic. With a babies low body weight this can potentially be very harmful to a child. Here is the link to the full story. Let us know what you think. Let your rant out!

Unemplyment Benefits Reduced

Congress is in the process of passing a bill that will reduce the amount of weeks a single person can apply for unemployment benefits. This will not help the current problem of the jobless and job seekers out there. Here is a link to the story. Let's here what the people have to say. leave a comment and let your rant be heard.

Strong reaction on Houston tribute

New Jersey's Governor has decided to lower the American Flag at half mass on the day of Whitney Houstons funeral. This is sparking a strong reaction on the American people. Whitney Houston was a singer and a lot of people admired her but she is not a veteran or anything of the like. Many other singers have died in the past including Micheal Jackson, no one lowered the flag for him did they? Here is the link to the full story. Let's here what you have to say about this. Let the rant begin!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vanity Plate Earns A Man 20,000 in Tickets - Thats Just Wrong

A DC man purchases a Vanity Plate saying (No Tags) and he is charged with 20,000 in tickets. Give me a break. They should charge the maker of the plate for allowing him to use those words. I think they just wanted to cash in on this guy. Here is the link to the full story. Have a rant you want to share about this story? Let's hear it.

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Drunk Pilots - Ahh Crap

Suspected drunk pilot kept off airline. this is just fantastic, if it's not bad enough that we have so many fatalities on the roads due to drunk drivers that now we have our pilots drinking and flying. What kind of idiot gets drunk before flying a huge airliner? Check out this link to see the full story. This makes me wonder how many flights I have personally been on with a drunk pilot. Its bad enough that people are already scared to fly but this just makes it worse. Whats your take on this story? Let the rant begin.
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Fat Kid Epidemic

In the USA alone over one half of the child population under the age of 15 is FAT. Now this does not count the small percentage that is slightly over weight with a little meat on their bones this is the total for the kids that are Obese. Take a look at other countries children and you will notice very little fat kids. Is it due to lack of food in their region? Or could it be they eat right and healthy? Or could it be that there is not a fast food restaurant on every damn corner for them to indulge  their appetites. I don't know how many times this subject pops up on the news on a monthly basis but I hear it allot. Who do we blame? Fast food? Parents? or the Media? In my opinion we should blame them all. If the parents didn't stuff their kids full of fatty foods just to shut them up maybe we wouldn't have this problem. Or if the fast food chains would serve a more healthier variety of food instead of a triple pounder hamburger with fries. Or if the media would just lay off the subject and let these people alone. Here is an article I found recently that may prove interesting on the subject. Why is it hard for kids to lose weight? Maybe this can reach a few people out there and help them with their over weight kids. What's Your Rant On This Subject? We would like to hear it.

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