Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fat Kid Epidemic

In the USA alone over one half of the child population under the age of 15 is FAT. Now this does not count the small percentage that is slightly over weight with a little meat on their bones this is the total for the kids that are Obese. Take a look at other countries children and you will notice very little fat kids. Is it due to lack of food in their region? Or could it be they eat right and healthy? Or could it be that there is not a fast food restaurant on every damn corner for them to indulge  their appetites. I don't know how many times this subject pops up on the news on a monthly basis but I hear it allot. Who do we blame? Fast food? Parents? or the Media? In my opinion we should blame them all. If the parents didn't stuff their kids full of fatty foods just to shut them up maybe we wouldn't have this problem. Or if the fast food chains would serve a more healthier variety of food instead of a triple pounder hamburger with fries. Or if the media would just lay off the subject and let these people alone. Here is an article I found recently that may prove interesting on the subject. Why is it hard for kids to lose weight? Maybe this can reach a few people out there and help them with their over weight kids. What's Your Rant On This Subject? We would like to hear it.

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